Auto Pro PAD

“I have others but my AutoProPAD is really the only programmer I use anymore.”—Äna Hulen
Arlington Roadside & Locksmith
Arlington, Texas

"It has potential to be THE greatest programmer out there! EEPROM and diagnostic capabilities, frequent and easy updating and low costs to renew subscriptions."
—Stephen Hoffman
Northern Colorado

“The AutoProPAD is so easy to use, and the programming is super fast”—Dennis Macri
All Around Town Lock And Key
Lake City, Florida

“It's so intuitive, so quick, and supports so many vehicles, I haven't had to call support yet!”—Rob Reynolds
Pop-A-Lock of Nashville
Nashville, Tennesse

“I just can't say enough good things about this machine. I tell everyone I can about it.”—Maher Eid
Lock Doctor
San Francisco, California

“No se le iguala a ningún programador de “alto nivel” ni en precio, sencillez para usar y rapidez!”—Jorge Narvaez
Auto Dynamic Services
Las Vegas, Nevada

Never Spend Money on Tokens Again!

What could you do with an extra $300 per month in your pocket?
Stop paying rent on equipment you already own. Use YOUR machine on YOUR own terms and not somebody else's.

Grow your business by purchasing tools that will become a better value over time, not worse.

Unlimited Updates and Support

Stop buying programmers that refuse to perform unless you swipe your credit card or sign a contract

All features are ready right out of the box, complete with US-based support from actual locksmiths.

One full year of updates and support included absolutely free of charge. After your first year, your machine continues working as it always did. You can continue to receive updates and support for an additional year for an unheard of $600. Or don't. It's up to you. You get to keep and continue using exactly what you paid for, like most everything else in life.

Auto Pro PAD

Supports the Very Latest Systems

We recommend checking for updates every week so you don't miss anything new.

Auto Pro PAD

Reflashing, PIN Reading and Pre-Coding

Save money and valuable space by eliminating the need for multiple specialized tools

  • Reflash a wide selection of vehicles, including Honda/Acura and Toyota/Lexus. Virginize or ready-to-start.
  • Easily pull PINs from Chrysler, Nissan and VW via EEPROM
  • Program keys to newer VW/Audi & BMW models that require chip pre-coding

Discover What Auto Mechanics Have Known For Years

XTool made their mark in the automotive repair industry by creating extremely versatile and affordable diagnostic scan tools. Each AutoProPAD ships complete with the comprehensive library of diagnostics software that made XTool famous.

Auto Pro PAD

Real American Support by Real Automotive Locksmiths

Call-takers in the Pacific time zone to help you.

All subscriptions will be verified to receive support